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Our pricing policy is very simple. Paying up front for lessons attracts the cheapest rate.

The larger the block booking the lower the price.

Offer 1:- New learner offer, 1st hour free (conditions apply).


Offer 2;- New learner 10 hours in 1 week £270.


A single lesson is £31.


A 2 hour lesson is £60.


A 10 hour block with 1 hour lesson per week is £290.


A 10 hour block with a 2 hour lesson per week is £285.


A 20 hour block with a 2 hour lesson per week is £560.


Semi-intensive 10 hours in 1 week course is £270.


Drive in a day course (8 hours with breaks) is £210.


Other course/price options are available on request. 

 All block/semi-intensive/in a day courses are subject to booking conditions on application. Book and pay up front, you get the deal.  48 hour cancellation policy applies. 50% CANCELLATION FEE ON ALL semi-intensive/learn in a day courses.


One lesson per week.


Many learners are looking for a nice steady pace from the outset. 1 or 2 hours per week is just fine.

On the other hand for some this pace may be a little frustrating.

Block bookings


Many people choose this method for a number of reasons e.g. financial management and planning.

Knowing that the lessons are paid for in advance at a discount helps with the flow.

When approaching the test date, a block can often fill the pupil with confidence, knowing that a firm plan is in place as the end goal approaches.

2 lessons per week


If you can do more than 1 hour per week it's obvious that things will move at a faster pace.

2 lessons per week or a 2 hour lesson provides more learning time in one period.


Short term semi-intensive courses


Not for everyone perhaps, but a good way to punch through when the going gets tough.

Pupils often have other life issues to deal with and just want to get started quickly or get the job done soon.


These courses can work for some, but not all.

The keys to success are planning and preparation.

I can always provide my extensive experience to help make the right choices.


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